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Meet Zodwa Mzobe

Certified Colon Hydrotherapy Hygienist

As a senior accountant at Vodacom, Zodwa never imagined she would abandon the security of her challenging corporate position and branch into the uncertain waters of independent business ownership! 

When her mother became ill with a chronic condition, Zodwa's interest turned to the wellness sector.  In her search to help her mother, she discovered Colon Health.

She experienced first hand the transformational benefit of colon hydrotherapy and underwent 2 years of training and certification to allow her to launch her own practice in 2018. 

She now treats clients from as far afield as Pietermaritzburg and Richard Bay. 

Zodwa is a passionate advocate for the healing benefits of Colonic Irrigation and brings both experience and a gentle understanding into the treatment room.

Zodwa colon hygienist
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